Heating System

DiasAir – For Superior Heating Systems

DiasAiris an industry leader in supplying, servicing and maintaining heating systems. Our area of service covers southeast Melbourne as well as the beach side suburbs. We have been in business for nearly a decade and have served the residents of these areas to their full satisfaction. Any call to us regarding heating systems is responded to immediately by our project managers. In fact, we will personally inspect your premises and suggest systems that will fully meet your heating needs.

Heating Systems Offered by DiasAir

One of the most efficient heating units we offer is the Ducted Heating system. The mechanism behind this system involvesair from inside the house being drawn over a heat exchanger whichis heated by burners in the finance. No cold air is drawn externally, only the air from inside the house is heated, recycled and pumped back.

If your cooling requirement is confined to one room, we recommend wall split systems. These have an indoor and outdoor unit and use the latest in-built technology to ensurehigh performance and energy efficiency. A very versatile unit, it can be used in the summer as an air conditioner. It is best suited for single rooms such as bedroom, a study or living room.

Ducted Split Systems. This works in much the same way as wallsplit systems, but the indoor unit is fixed and out of view. Ducts which are concealed, carry the heated air through openings which are strategically placed in every room. This is the most high-value heating system we install.

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