ducted-heating-systemGAS DUCTED HEATING

Gas ducted central heating is one of the most cost efficient ways to keep your house warm. With energy prices constantly rising, ducted gas heating has the edge on reverse cycle when it comes to both efficiency and performance. Using zoning heat can be distributed to areas of the house that are in constant use and reducing the need to heat your entire home.

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Ducted heating works by transporting air drawn from inside the house past a heat exchanger which has been heated by burners mounted in the furnace. The heating unit or furnace is typically found either on the external wall or in the roof of the property. It is a sealed system, meaning that the warm air is heated, recycled and re-circulated, and does not use any air from outside the property.

Ducting heating systems distribute the heated air throughout the home through “Registers” also called ‘vents’, ‘outlets’,’ducts’ etc. Duct systems are usually hung within the ceiling space or under the floor. Heating outlets should be placed around the perimeter of the house to provide the most efficient and even distribution of heat around your home.

Gas Ducted Heating systems can also have Add On Cooling systems which can provide cooling through the same ventilation system.


  • Highly Efficient
  • Not affected by outside temperatures
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Add on cooling available
  • Zoning can reduce energy costs


When considering a Gas Ducted System there are a few areas you should take into consideration.

  • Buy an energy efficient model – make sure it has a minimum energy rating of at least 4 stars.
  • Consider choosing a system with the ability to be zoned – which means you can switch off areas not being used.
  • Use only well insulated duct work.

Gas ducted heating systems are all rated by energy efficiency using a 3 star to 6 star rating. Braemar is the first company in the world to produce a 6 star rated gas ducted heater.



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