Service Overview

With natural gas being the most efficient to produce heat, an Add-on unit allows the best of both worlds. The unit allows you to heat the room using a gas ducted heater and cool by means of refrigerant. Since the cooling system can be simplified by utilising components from the heater- you save money!

How it works

The main components are the Heater and Ad-on coil with Outdoor compressor. During heating the heater is a basic ducted heater, which doesn’t need the other components. The Ad-on Coil is an ‘in line’ unit- during cooling, refrigerant passes through a system of piping inside the coil. The fan from the heater is then activated and air is passed through the coil, conditioned and sent to the rooms. The heat absorbed refrigerant is then sent to the outdoor unit and expelled to the atmosphere. This process gives the user efficient warm air during winter and cool refreshing air during summer- a perfect option for those that want the most efficient and effective system all in one.

The Next Step From Here

Once you call the friendly team at Dias Air. A friendly, experienced technician will come out and assess your needs and what you hope to achieve by installing in an evaporative cooling unit. During that visit we will size the house and calculate the heat load on the building then a design will be engineered specific to your requests. The install will take place and in most cases be completed within the day! It really is that simple, So why wait any longer?

Call the friendly team today.